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We are very honored to announce the world-class TOF USB camera in Computex Taipei 2019!
We offer EZ3DAI camera Solution to help your shorten your 3D camera and application development cycle.

About EzImage Technology
  • Founded in 2009 with focusing  on 3D camera +AI technology.
  • Core Technologies are:
    • 3D TOF camera calibration technologies
    • 3D computer vision and Deep learning applications
    • Multiply 3D camera and IOT sensor fusion.
  • Business model:
    • We work with the global  leading3D sensor, laser, optical components and AI algorithm partners to come out the state of the art TOF camera solutions.
    • We provide and license the 3D camera total solutions to support global camera ODM, brands, embedded ODM players.
    • We target on the short range 3D sensing  markets and applications include:
      • 3D face recognition
      • 3D  Scene and object recognition
      • Human body motions recognition
      • Robot Arm, moving Robot and auto wheelchair navigration


EzImage as a 3d algorithm provider

  • >100 man year in mobile phone module business
  • >5 years of TOF development and calibration experiences
  • We have developed the depth algorithm of the major types of depth camera including TOF, active stereo and DLP!
  • High accuracy Structure light design experience
  • We have developed a variety of major 3D application which can reach the same level of the startup in Silicon Valley, USA.

3D Camera

Note: TOF 相機的運作原理: 

1. 相機在時間域取樣,

2. 然後用振幅,相角分量表示為頻率域TOF 調變訊號。

3. 利用半導體光電反應原理--較少的生成電子代表相延遲短, 


4. 輸入光速,調變頻率,這些固定參數,便可計算出景物與每一個TOF相機畫素的空間域如幾何距離之關係! 

5. 整體運作牽涉眾多專業(紅外光光通訊,光電半導體,光機設計,影像處理,韌體,驅動,3D 數學-線代,統計,計算機資工等。)

3D Solutions

3D face solution

System Architecture.


Ezimage 3D Face Scan using TOF Sensor

3D scene and object modelling

Ez3D-AI camera solutions

    1. TOF Calibration Kit in Windows
    2. Software API SDK in Windows and Ubuntu Linux
    3. EVM Development Kit DUAL Camera (rgb+tof camera)
    4. ID Concept design

Contact Us

Ezimage Technology, Co., LTD

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Tel: 886-2-82525881

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Tel: 886-2-82525881

Fax:  02-2225-0132

Mobile: 0919 377 901

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Email: kevinliu@ezimage-tech.com